What is a Kaiser Permanente premier hospital?

What is a premier hospital*?

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you probably already know the value of “coordinated care.” Your doctor works closely with specialists, pharmacy, lab, therapists and many other professionals—all up-to-the-minute on your health—for a better care experience.

When you need inpatient or outpatient hospital care, we’ve chosen award-winning hospitals to be our partners for coordinating your care. These hospitals, located throughout MD, VA, and D.C., are our “premier hospitals.”

How we work together with premier hospitals.

As a patient at a premier hospital, your care will be guided around the clock by Kaiser Permanente doctors who exclusively care for our members at that hospital. Your Kaiser Permanente doctor and specialists work hand-in-hand with hospital staff and physicians. Kaiser Permanente doctors are also on-site 24/7. They have your medical record on hand, right in the hospital, where they also keep it up to date as your care evolves. With Kaiser Permanente on-site, your care is coordinated within the hospital and with your primary care physician, ensuring the smooth transition of your care before, during, and after your hospitalization.

How we choose hospitals to be premier.

To qualify, each hospital has been carefully evaluated—and is regularly reassessed—for the quality of care, comfort, and services it provides. All premier hospitals are evaluated by independent third-party safety and quality rankings, and offer top-rated, award-winning care.

*Kaiser Permanente premier hospitals are independently owned and operated hospitals and are not affiliated entities of Kaiser Permanente.